Jeff Martell 

jeff martellOne guy, one guitar, a bunch of harmonicas, a boatload of great songs, an orange cat, several Tibetan monks, a hamster, a power drill, an onion, you know, that sort of thing...


Performing in a variety of venues throughout the east, from coffeehouses and bars to festivals and fairs, (along with horse races, foot races, biker events, weddings and funerals, and more than one store opening) Jeff has demonstrated time and time again the amazing breadth and scope of his musical abilities.  He is at home with Bluegrass flat picking, blues, reggae , and rock and roll as well as traditional and modern folk.
   Jeff weaves a spell around his audience with driving guitar, blistering harmonica and a voice that can only be described as heart stopping.  Jeff will turn your ordinary bar patrons into catatonic drinking machines, and instills the need in coffeehouse customers to purchase expensive deserts.  You will without a doubt, find yourself more happy and fulfilled as a human being after listening to his music. Listening to Jeff's songs will take 10 pounds off your figure and 10 years off of your age.   Jeff can watch 60 minutes in half an hour!